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In the ever-changing world of technology, the College of Pharmacy continues to stay on the cutting edge with our distance learning, multimedia classroom setup as well as multimedia study rooms equipped with webcams for easy Zoom or Teams meetings.  The College of Pharmacy also has Zoom ready conference rooms, and a state of the art active learning room for collaboration and teaching.  We also pioneered a college wide laptop initiative requiring all students to have a laptop.  The Kitty DeGree Student Resource Center houses a student computer lab with both Mac and PC platforms, as well as resources available for printing research posters for conferences.

Laptop Requirements

Required Items:


• Wireless card 802.11ax (WiFi 6E) compatible 


• 8 GB Ram


• Windows 10. 22H2, Windows 11 21H2 or Windows 11 22H2; Mac OSX Big Sur, Monterey or Ventura


• Webcam/Microphone


• Microsoft Office (available free with your student email account)


3M Black Privacy Filter OR 3M Gold Privacy Filter (ONLY purchase this brand and ONLY one of these choices). REQUIRED FOR ALL LAPTOPS AND/OR TABLETS used for testing.


• Antivirus software


• Examplify - Yearly cost $73



Suggested Computer Specifications:


• Intel Core i5 processor or higher


• 8 GB Ram 


• 256 GB SSD hard drive


• 13" screen or larger


• Adobe Reader (free)


• Minimum 8 hour battery


The following DO qualify as laptop replacements:

    • Microsoft Surface Pro
    • Appe iPad

The following DO NOT qualify as laptop replacements:

    • Chromebook


Wireless Guidelines



Computer Ordering Guidelines

Any computer system purchased by ULM must have the system requirements listed below.  The Office of Information Technology will not service any computers that are not purchased through ULM state approved vendors.  (Dell and Apple)


Standard Configuration for Faculty/Staff


Dell 24" Optiplex All-in-One; 16 GB Ram; 512GB SSD; Built in camera/mic, keyboard and mouse


Apple 24" iMac; 16 GB Ram; 512GB SSD; Built in camera/mic, keyboard and mouse


Technology Tips

IT Support Ticket Request


Student Printing Information


Poll Everywhere

• Student Registration (signup with your email)

• Faculty - you will receive a invitation from the ULM Poll Everywhere account



• Student Registration (signup with your email)

• Faculty - you will receive a invitation from the ULM Zoom account.

• Zoom Client for Meetings (desktop application)

• Zoom Mobile App - Apple

• Zoom Mobile App - Android

• Warhawk Alert


ExamSoft - 1-866-429-8889

• Known Issues for Exam Takers

• Disabling Anti Virus Software

• Downloading Examplify

Examplify for iPad

• Removing an Exam

• Minimum System Requirements

Manual Upload of Exam File

Manual Upload of Exam File for iPad

• Checking Your Examplify Version Number - Mac

• Checking your Examplify Version Number - Windows

• Checking your Examplify Version Number - iPad

• Resolving Black Screen - Windows



• Office 365 Mobile Instructions

• Desktop Installation

• Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)



Poster Printing

Posters should be created based on one of the following templates.


Posters should be submitted at least two days prior to date needed.  Printing times may vary based upon the number of posters being printed.


Default printing is on ultralight poly banner fabric.  Paper may be available upon request.  Fabric/paper sizes are 42" and 36".  Standard poster dimensions are 56" x 42".  


COP 2019 Template Option 1 COP 2019 Template Option 2 COP 2019 Template Option 3 COP Template Grey COP Template White COP TOX Templage Grey COP TOX Template White
COP 2019  Option 1 COP 2019  Option 2 COP 2019 Option 3 COP Grey COP White COP-Tox Grey COP-Tox White


PowerPoint Template


TV Announcement Guidelines

To have your message displayed on the Axis TV Messaging system, the following guidelines should be followed:


Announcements should be emailed to Marcia Wells no later than one week prior to the planned start date.


Your email should include:


    • Announcement start date
    • Announcement end date
    • Graphic for the announcement, if any


Any graphics for the announcement, i.e. fundraisers or events, you be created for widescreen using the following pixel dimensions:  1366 x 768.


For general announcements, such as monthly meetings, you may send only the verbiage you would like displayed.  This will be a plain slide with a colored background.  Specific images need to be created by you.  Information needed for these slides are:


    • Group holding the meeting
    • Meeting location
    • Meeting date
    • Meeting time



For additional information, please contact:

ULM College of Pharmacy
Bienville Building
1800 Bienville Dr
Monroe, LA 71201

7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

(318) 342-3800