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A Framework for our future
Facility Plan with a Goal to Change the Future

Our goal is to maintain the ULM campus as an inviting, modern, and secure location, providing us support in pursuit of our mission.

This site assesses every facility owned by ULM and provides for efficient utilization and modernization of those facilities, always remembering our priorities of providing excellent education and our identity as a proactive, courageous institution. During the master planning process, we involved many stakeholders at ULM to conceive a plan that is effective for the entire community.

This site outlines several possible campus enhancements including additional space to accommodate growing programs, additional green space on campus, improved vehicular travel, safer pedestrian travel, and improved signage, navigation, and security. Some buildings are proposed for demolition – others will face extensive renovations.

This master plan is a living document. It will be changed and modified depending on the future needs of the university.

I encourage you to carefully review this plan. Your involvement will help to improve the efficacy of the document and maintain its viability as a plan for the future.

Thank you for your contributions and efforts to improve ULM.