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Mission, Vision statements
Welcome to the Mission and Vision statements

Our existence is reflected in the university’s mission, vision, and core values as communicated through all our communication and interactions with constituents.


The ULM prepares individuals from northeast Louisiana and beyond to compete, succeed, and contribute in an ever-changing global society through a transformative education while positively impacting society through research and service.


ULM will change lives by bringing true equality, inclusiveness, and opportunity for all individuals in our region and beyond.


EXCELLENCE reflects personal expectations and regional, national, and global standards. It is relentlessly pursued through diligent individual and collective efforts and is achieved by setting the highest goals possible.

SCHOLARSHIP includes original research and creative works, the development of new interpretations, applying knowledge to solve problems, and the sharing of knowledge through teaching. Scholarship defines the intellectual climate and culture of a university.

DIVERSITY in all areas enriches and strengthens a university. Uniqueness in students, faculty, and staff expands the opportunity for learning.

RESPONSIBILITY Students, faculty, and staff have a duty to be conscientious stewards of entrusted resources. Responsibility includes engaging in a learning environment in a caring, non-discriminatory and equitable manner. Integrity is to be demonstrated by striving to be honest in conduct, to keep promises made, and to treat others with appropriate respect.

STUDENT-CENTERED The University faculty and staff seek to engage the whole student by preparing each individual for a meaningful life and service to humanity.