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ULM SGA Bylaws, Article XI, Section 04. Recognized Student Organization (RSO) Scholarships

  1. In an endeavor to support the University of Louisiana Monroe’s Recognized Student Organizations, the Student Government Association allocates four thousand dollars ($4,000) per semester in the form of scholarships.
    1. Each scholarship will have a maximum amount of five hundred dollars ($500). An RSO may apply for an amount below the maximum allotment.
    2. Eight (8) scholarships may be awarded per semester; three in September, October, February, and March, and two in November and April.
    3. Scholarships may “roll over” if they are not used. 
  2. Recognized Student Organizations must complete and submit a scholarship application form via Wingspan. Upon submission of the form, the RSO will receive a guideline sheet outlining what their representative’s presentation of why they are deserving of the scholarship should include. Two RSOs shall be chosen to present per Student Government Association meeting on a first-come-first-serve basis. Each RSO who is submitting for a scholarship must have a tax ID number at the time of application. RSOs may not use the ULM tax ID number as their own.
  3. Should an applying RSO receive a scholarship in the fall semester, they must wait until the first meeting in the month of March to re-apply. However, if the RSO is not chosen to receive a scholarship, they are permitted to re-apply in the same semester. 
    1. An RSO may only receive one (1) scholarship per semester. 

SGA RSO Scholarship Request

How to obtain an SGA funded sponsorship for your RSO:

  1. Visit https://hello.suitable.co/ulm/ and locate the SGA RSO Scholarship Form.
  2. Fill out the information listed and click submit.
  3. Speakers come on a first-come, first-served order.
  4. After submitting online, you will then receive an email giving you a time to present your reasoning for a sponsorship.
  5. During the presentation, you will be questioned about the event proposed. Questions can include, but are not limited to:
    1. How will SGA be recognized as a sponsor?
    2. How will the scholarship be spent?
    3. How does this event benefit your organization and the student body?
  6. After the presentation, an SGA member will have to write a motion in order for the sponsorship to be considered. If a motion is written, it will be voted upon at the next SGA meeting.
  7. You will be contacted by an SGA officer, usually the Treasurer, to update you on whether or not a motion was written.

If no motion is written or the motion fails:

  1. RSOs are permitted to re-apply in the same semester.

If a motion is written and passes:

  1. You will be contacted by an SGA officer, usually the Treasurer, to inform you of the affirmative vote.
    1. The RSO contact will need to respond with the following information
      1. The Organization's Vendor CWID, as set up in Banner. If there is no CWID or the CWID is unknown, please see the section at the bottom.
      2. Your On-Campus Advisor(s) full name and contact information, including office location, phone number, and email.
  2. The RSO Scholarships are provided by check only.
    1. Due to ULM's check-writing process, it may take 2 to 3 weeks before a check is mailed or available for pick up.
  3. After the event for which funding was granted, receipts and program evaluation are due back through Wingspan within 5 business days. If not, then the RSO is ineligible for future funding from 1 year of the event.

Need your Organization's Vendor CWID?

We may be able to locate your number if you have received funding from SGA or CAB before. Please email hardee@ulm.edu and meclark@ulm.edu. 

Know that you do not have one? The guidance from Accounts Payable is for the RSO to create a W9 (see attached sample).

  1. The organization name goes on Line 1
  2. The faculty advisor or one of the RSO’s officers, would enter their name on Line 2
  3. Enter the organizations address information on Line 5 & 6
  4. Enter the Social Security Number for the person whose name was entered on Line 2 in Part 1
  5. Sign and date under Part 2