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Fall 2022 Student Senators

Students Serving Students

SGA... is a prestigious organization on campus that dedicates its efforts to improve student life, bridge the gap between students and administration, and create change on campus! SGA encourages everyone with a 2.75 GPA or above that has a passion for serving and making a difference for the university to apply! There are numerous benefits to being in SGA such as receiving ULM merchandise, scholarship opportunities, access to the SGA office, networking opportunities, and a diverse community of students working together! 

“ULM Student Government represents the student body in conveying their opinions, ideas, wishes, and needs to the Administration and Faculty, creates and executes any measures  beneficial to the student body, serves as the voice of the student body, promotes the well being of the student body, and promotes and improves relations between the local community and students of the University of Louisiana at Monroe.”


President Ethan Estis estisec@warhawks.ulm.edu
Vice President David Hernandez hernandezd@warhawks.ulm.edu
Secretary Elisa Castillion castillionef@warhawks.ulm.edu
Treasurer Kaleb Underwood underwk@warhawks.ulm.edu
Executive Assistant Callie O'Bryant obryantcm@warhawks.ulm.edu

Arts, Education, and Sciences

House Speaker / Associate Senator Jadyn Maloney maloneyjn@warhawks.ulm.edu
Senator Lydia Dang danglk@warhawks.ulm.edu
Senator Callie O'Bryant obryantcm@warhawks.ulm.edu
Senator Cody Ponthieux ponthieuxcp@warhawks.ulm.edu
Senator Alden "Tristan" Sonnier sonnierac@warhawks.ulm.edu
Senator Malorie West westmp@warhawks.ulm.edu
Freshman Senator Carson King kingcani@warhawks.ulm.edu
Freshman Senator Bryant Breska breksabj@warhawks.ulm.edu
Freshman Senator Emily Horton hortonee@warhawks.ulm.edu

Business and Social Sciences

House Speaker / Associate Senator Cassidy Walton waltoncl@warhawks.ulm.edu
Senator Madalyn Griep griepmc@warhawks.ulm.edu
Senator Thalama Malla mallat@warhawks.ulm.edu
Senator David Nguyen nguyendx@warhawks.ulm.edu
Senator Prajwol Pachhai pachhaip@warhawks.ulm.edu
Senator Ayushma Shrestha shresthaa2@warhawks.ulm.edu
Senator Mackenzie Washington washingtonmj@warhawks.ulm.edu
Freshman Senator Elizabeth "Lizzy" Poydras poydrasec@warhawks.ulm.edu
Freshman Senator Mallory Leboeuf leboeufma@warhawks.ulm.edu
Freshman Senator Ethan Miller millerec@warhawks.ulm.edu

Health Sciences

House Speaker / Senator Lejay Thompson thompsonll@warhawks.ulm.edu
Senator Nicholas Dupre duprenr@warhawks.ulm.edu
Senator Lakayja Dupree dupreelm@warhawks.ulm.edu
Senator Madelyn Henry henrymb@warhawks.ulm.edu
Senator Krishna Patel patelkr@warhawks.ulm.edu
Freshman Senator Elizabeth "Lizzy" Moon moonea@warhawks.ulm.edu
Freshman Senator Andrew Nolan nolanaj@warhawks.ulm.edu
Freshman Senator Jonathan Fee feejb@warhawks.ulm.edu


House Speaker / Senator Daniel Paul pauldr@warhawks.ulm.edu
Senator Mary Dupre dupremk@warhawks.ulm.edu
Freshman Senator Lake Carpenter carpenterlm@warhawks.ulm.edu
Freshman Senator Ireland Laffoon laffoonia@warhawks.ulm.edu
Freshman Senator Samaria Spears spearssv@warhawks.ulm.edu

Graduate School

Senator Asja Jordan jordana1@warhawks.ulm.edu
Senator VACANT (To be elected Nov 22)  

Associate Senate

Associate Senator CAES Amir Alnajjar alnajjara@warhawks.ulm.edu
Associate Senator CAES Bishal Bhandari bhandarib@warhawks.ulm.edu
Associate Senator CBSS Jacinth Ervin ervinjv@warhawks.ulm.edu
Associate Senator CBSS Peyton Hale halepd@warhawks.ulm.edu
Associate Senator CBSS Jadyn Malone maloneyjn@warhawks.ulm.edu
Associate Senator CBSS Kaleb Rigsby rigsbyks@warhawks.ulm.edu
Associate Senator CHS Ximena Rubio rubioxa@warhawks.ulm.edu
Associate Senator CHS Czen Tripathi tripathic@warhawks.ulm.edu
Associate Senator CHS Cassidy Walton waltoncl@warhawks.ulm.edu
Associate Senator CHS VACANT (To be elected Nov 22)  

Class Members-at-Large

Freshman-at-Large Hannah Habisreitinger habisreitingerhf@warhawks.ulm.edu
Sophomore-at-Large Shelby Moore mooresc@warhawks.ulm.edu
Junior-at-Large Estrella Hernandez hernandezer@warhawks.ulm.edu
Senior-at-Large VACANT (Appointed in Nov 22)  
Graduate-at-Large Will Wilkening  wilkenwr@warhawks.ulm.edu


Athletic Senator TO BE ELECTED  
Cultural Senator TO BE ELECTED  
Greek Senator TO BE ELECTED  
Professional Senator TO BE ELECTED  
Religious Senator TO BE ELECTED  
Social Senator TO BE ELECTED  


Non-Trad Senator VACANT (To be elected Nov 22)  
Non-Trad Senator VACANT (To be elected Nov 22)