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Student and Alumni Perspectives


Sohalia Schoen, Health Studies Pre-Professional StudentTrack and Field Athlete

"The Health Studies Pre-Professional major has helped me prepare for any Health Profession through well rounded classes that inspire and introduce real world experiences. I am so thankful to have found this major. Health studies has some of the kindest and helpful professors who will always support and encourage you, while you prepare for your career."



Peyton Wilder, Bachelor of Science in Health Studies Management and MarketingGraduate Student ULM MBA

"The Health Studies Program at ULM has been an enriching experience. The dedicated professors have not only imparted invaluable knowledge but also inspired a passion for the field. The guidance and mentorship of Dr. Dolecheck, Dr. Theodos, and Dr. Bower has superbly prepared me for the rigors of graduate school, providing me with a solid foundation for future academic and career success."



Cacy Leger, Health Studies

“Health Studies is a degree that has endless opportunities. You can work in hospitals, offices, sales, etc. You never feel like you’re bound to one field. The classes range from biology to accounting, but that’s what makes the degree great. And the teachers are so willing to help you succeed – you can tell the Health Studies department cares about the students.”



Emily Jones, Health Studies

“My best experience was the degree program itself – I like the focus on healthcare in a business perspective. I feel that this experience has been invaluable to my life. The Health Studies professors are really great to work with.”



Jacob Monnin, Health Studies

“Health Studies is a great major with lots of opportunities after getting your degree. There is always going to be a need for this in the health care field, so work should always be available. And, the professors genuinely care for the students.”



Caitlin St. Blanc, Health Studies Pre-Professional

“I was accepted to the VCOM Medical School at Auburn. The interview committee noted that my HSPP curriculum prepared me well for medical school and provided me with a unique and valuable background in healthcare unlike traditional candidates.”