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College of Health Sciences
Health Studies

Our Mission

We empower, engage, and educate students to be the next generation of healthcare leaders who will meet the diverse needs of today’s workforce.

two students in hospital setting


Our Goals

To Provide:

• High Quality, Innovative Education 

• Preparation for Graduate Allied Health and Business Programs 

• In Demand, Job-Ready Skills: Leadership, Professionalism, Teamwork, Communication & Problem Solving

• Opportunities for Experiential Learning and Community Involvement

• Personal Attention, Mentoring and Support  


Our Vision

We aspire to be an exemplary interprofessional academic program that prepares students for their professional lives in the 21st century.


Our Values

• Education Excellence (Innovative Learning)

• Interprofessional (Teamwork and Diversity)

• Personal (Self-Knowledge and Values)

• Professionalism (Personal Integrity and Ethical Responsibility)