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Frequently Asked Questions about the BS Health Studies Pre-Professional Major (HSPP) at ULM


Q: What is the BS Health Studies Pre-Professional Major?

The BS Health Studies Pre-Professional Major is an undergraduate degree that prepares for you an advanced, professional degree. This major puts you on a path to attend medical school, physical therapy, occupational therapy, or other allied health programs.


Q: What specific health professional programs will the Bachelor’s Degree in Health Studies Pre-Professional help me get into?

The BS in HSPP is designed to thoroughly prepare students for their professional school experience and fulfills course requirements for many health professional schools such as:


Q: How does the BS Health Studies Pre-Professional Major prepare you for a professional program?


The BS in HSPP lays the foundation needed for admission to medical schools and allied health programs. The curriculum has the built-in prerequisite courses you need to apply to your professional programs which includes advanced biology, physical sciences, chemistry, statistics, and social sciences.


Q: Does the BS HSPP major guarantee my entrance into my professional programs?


While the BS HSPP major does not guarantee admission to professional programs, the curriculum is very rigorous and thoroughly prepares students for entrance into a variety of allied health professional programs. However, entrance requirements may vary from program to program and may change over time. It is important that students research the prerequisite courses at professional programs in which they are interested.


Admissions to professional programs is very competitive. There are many other things to consider that are needed to make a student an attractive candidate.


Q: What are professional schools looking for?


Admission into professional school is determined by many factors, including:



Q: What else should I be doing?

A “well-rounded” student is an ideal professional school applicant. While at ULM, try to make the most of your time: join student groups, engage in community service, volunteer, meet professionals, take part in job shadowing, and interview licensed professionals in your field. It is also important to explore the schools you want to attend and learn their application process.


Q: What if I do not get into my professional program?

The BS in Health Studies Pre-professional also includes many vital healthcare management classes that prepare you for jobs in the healthcare field.

There are many jobs that a degree in the BS in  HSPP at ULM prepare you for including:


Q: What additional skills can you gain in the BS HSPP major?

In the BS HSPP program, you will learn many skills, including:


Q: What is the outlook of the healthcare administration industry?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the employment rate for medical and health services managers will increase by 18% by 2028. A bachelor's degree in health services management could give you an advantage in this thriving job market. As you earn your degree, you will gain experience in several important aspects of patient care, such as case management, communications, cultural awareness, and leadership.