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Here are tutorials on various subjects that the reference staff has created. We can also make new online presentations upon request. Most of these are .PDF or Flash files. You can get Adobe Reader on Adobe's website here.



Zotero is a free, open source, easy to use tool that helps you collect, organize, annotate, cite, and share research.  Use Zotero as your personal research assistant for all of your academic and scholarly projects. 

You can download Zotero at https://www.zotero.org/.
Disclaimer: Zotero is a 3rd party software download; ULM does not provide technical support for Zotero.

Using Zotero: Build Your Library (Tutorial 1 of 3) link to https://youtu.be/TGJv__YkHPo

Using Zotero: Organize, Sync, and Collaborate (Tutorial 2 of 3) link to https://youtu.be/-T8FzJg4kf8

Using Zotero: Write and Cite (Tutorial 3 of 3) link to https://youtu.be/7YisgRzYLWI

Creating an Annotated Bibliography with Zotero link to https://youtu.be/8wm_0LAx6P8


Style Guides

When a professor instructs you to write your paper in this style or that style, she's asking you to adhere to a particular format that provides rules and guidance on how to:

• physically arrange the paper
• insert footnotes or endnotes
• cite resources
• document resources you've used

There are several different style guides available, but the three most common are MLA (Modern Language Association Style Manual), APA (American Psychological Association Publication Manual), and Chicago (The Chicago Manual of Style). Though citations may vary in arrangement, they all include the same basic information:

• author
• title of the resource
• date of publication

Books include place of publication, and periodical materials, such as journal articles, will include volume and issue number, but not a place of publication. Electronic resources will be cited differently depending on the style guide you're using.


The Write Place, The ULM English department's writing center, where you can get help with your papers
The Owl at Purdue, an excellent resource for styles.