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Preview, Registration & Enrollment Program

After PREP

• Continue to check your Warhawk Email

 Explore MyULM systems, which include Banner, Flightpath, Email and Moodle

 Check Banner to see and verify your financial aid status. You must accept or decline any offered aid in Banner.

 Check Banner in early July for your fall fee bill.

Fee bill is due August 5 (or your classes will be dropped!)

 First Time Freshmen must contact their assigned Academic Advisor to make any adjustments to their class schedule.

 Register for a parking permit

 Reserve textbooks online through the ULM Bookstore

 Submit all final transcripts from high school and/or college credit earned to the Office of Admissions

 If living on campus, coordinate with roommate about room needs and who is bringing what items

 Attend Week of Welcome events and Convocation in the Fall.