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Preview, Registration & Enrollment Program

Frequently Asked Questions (PREP)

What is PREP and why is it mandatory?

PREP is our freshmen orientation program that all incoming freshmen must attend prior to enrolling in classes at ULM.  PREP is the first step to a successful experience at ULM.  You will become familiar with academic and other important resources, while receiving academic advising and registering for classes.  PREP is also an opportunity to build relationships with your PREP leaders, other new students, and various faculty and administrators. 

Can parents and guests attend PREP with the students?

No. Parents are welcome to attend our Parent Orientation Program (POP) that runs concurrently with PREP. Children under the age of 12 can attend POP with the parents for a cost of $15 each. No guests of students are permitted at PREP.

What if I want to change my date for PREP? 

If there is space available in the session you prefer, we will be happy to accommodate you. You may submit your request through the PREP Hotline (318-342-7315) or prep@ulm.edu.  We check this voice mail and email daily.

I live outside of LA and its neighboring states and do not have to attend PREP.  What do I need to do to register in my classes?  

Although you are still strongly encouraged to attend despite your location, we understand that there are circumstances that may prevent you from traveling to Monroe. Please click here and follow the instructions on this page in order to be advised and enroll in your classes.

I am a new international student.  Do I need to attend PREP?

As a new international student, you will attend our International Student Orientation the week before classes begin.  You will receive information from the Office of International Student Programs with additional details. To contact the office, you may email international@ulm.edu.

When and how do I pay for PREP? 

The cost for PREP is $130 and will be added to your tuition and fee bill.  No payment is due for PREP upon making your reservation.  Every freshman is required to pay this fee, and it will appear on your bill as a matriculation fee.

Do I have to stay on campus during PREP?

No. Although staying on campus will be more convenient, you may stay at home if you live in the local area, or at a local hotel if you have traveled. A list of hotels is online at our Convention & Visitors Bureau web site www.monroe-westmonroe.org.

Do you give refunds for housing fees if I decide not to stay on campus after I have made my reservation?

All fees are non-refundable. If you have an extenuating circumstance please contact the PREP Hotline at 318-342-7315 or by email at prep@ulm.edu.

What if I need to add to or change my housing accommodations for PREP?

You will not be able to do this online or by phone. Any changes or additions to your housing accommodations will be handled when you check-in for PREP.

What if I am an incoming freshman and enrolled in summer school classes during PREP?

You are still required to attend all PREP activities when you are not in class.  Please let us know when you check-in to PREP so we may help you work around your class schedule.