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Preview, Registration & Enrollment Program

Unable to attend PREP

If you are not able to attend PREP.

If you are admitted to the University but are not able to attend PREP, please follow the instructions below in order to be advised and register for classes. If you have any questions about this process, please call the PREP Hotline at 318-342-7315 or email us at prep@ulm.edu.

Step 1
: Make sure you have submitted all of the information listed on the Before PREP page. If the following information is missing, a hold will be placed on your record and you will not be able to register for classes (Immunization records, official transcript, or ACT scores). Only students admitted to ULM are eligible to register for courses.

Step 2: (For Military Students) All military students not attending PREP must contact Ahmaad Solmone prior to advisement and registration.

Military contact: Ahmaad Solmone, 318-342-7950, solmone@ulm.edu

Step 3: 
(For Student Athletes Only) All Student Athletes that are not attending PREP must contact their respective Athletic Academic Counselor prior to advisement and registration. Your counselor will provide you with important information about scheduling classes around your practice schedule.

Football Contact Oliver Jackson, 318-342-3662, ojackson@ulm.edu

Baseball, Men’s/Women’s Track and Field/Cross Country, Men’s/Women’s Golf, Volleyball and Beach Volleyball Contact Carmen Wright, 318-342-6737, cwright@ulm.edu

Soccer, Softball, Tennis and, Men’s/Women’s Basketball Contact Michael Gammon, 318-342-5029, gammon@ulm.edu

Step 4:
 Contact the PREP Hotline at 318-342-7315. A PREP representative will get you in contact with your respective College and Academic Advisor. Your Academic Advisor will advise you and help with your registration of classes.

Step 5:
Make sure you have cleared all of the holds on your record. If students have a hold on their record, they will not be able to register for classes until the holds have been cleared.

Step 6:
Pay for your classes.

How to avoid the late fee:

1. Pay your fee bill on time

2. Have all of your financial aid & scholarships applied to your fee bill before the deadline

3. Sign up for a payment plan before the deadline