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ULM Activity Center

Activity Center Policies

Activity Center Handbook

 All members must have a valid and scannable ULM ID.

Guest fee is $10.00.

Participation is at your own risk.

Gum is not allowed in the facility.

Personal recreation equipment is NOT to be brought into the facility with the exception of RACQUETS AND WEIGHT BELTS ONLY.

Food and drink are allowed in the Lounge/Vending Area only.

Children not attending ULM and 18-years of age and under MUST be accompanied by a parent/guardian member.

No Profanity tolerated.

Please do not leave valuables unattended.

Dunking or hanging on basketball rims is prohibited and results in a one-month suspension from the facility.

Violation of policies can result in disciplinary actions.


Dress Code

Appropriate attire must be worn while using the different activity areas.

All participants must wear closed-toe shoes.

Street shoes of any kind are not permitted in the activity areas.

Shoes that leave marks on the floor will not be allowed in the activity areas.

Towels are required by all participants in the fitness areas including; cardio, weight room, and group exercise room.


Please Note: The Activity Center is a TOBACCO-FREE facility. NO smoking, chewing, or dipping.