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CACREP Accreditation

The Counseling Program is accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP). This is the gold standard accreditation for counseling programs that makes the licensure process easier for graduates, qualifies them for governmental employment (e.g., Veterans Affairs, military), and military insurance reimbursements (Tricare).

Currently, the two concentrations accredited by CACREP are as follows:

· Clinical Mental Health Counseling

· School Counseling

The Addiction concentration currently possesses all the needed standards for CACREP accreditation. The Counseling Faculty are currently pursuing accreditation at this time.

The Counseling Faculty hold the accreditation status of the program in the highest regard. The Counseling Program at ULM is one of the oldest accredited counseling programs in the state of Louisiana, with the School Counseling concentration achieving accreditation in 1987 and the Clinical Mental Health Counseling concentration achieving accreditation in 2012.

The Counseling Program at ULM currently has accreditation until March of 2023. At that time, the Counseling Faculty will submit an interim report to CACREP and extend the accreditation status for another six years. To review the Counseling Program’s accreditation status, please visit the CACREP website here.


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