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The Counseling Program at ULM uses the platform Moodle for all courses. Students will find the materials for each course in Moodle, such as syllabi, assignments, announcements, discussion boards, grades, and course schedules. To be successful in the program, students must be able to navigate Moodle. Before beginning the program, we encourage students to read and view the following tutorials on Moodle. 


The Counseling Program at ULM uses Zoom as the interactive platform for all courses. Zoom is the gold standard for online programs and can be used in a variety of ways, for example, Zoom is utilized for all synchronous courses (when you interact with students and the professor in real time). Some uses for Zoom are when students record practice sessions with each other and send them to their professor to view, clinical supervision during Internship, and professors holding a lecture and discussions in real time. Zoom is also used for asynchronous courses, for instance, professors will record lectures using Power Point presentations and upload them to Moodle for students to watch at their convenience. Students also use Zoom to record presentation assignments and upload them to Moodle.

ULM provides Zoom accounts for all students. After receiving the account, we encourage students to view the following tutorial on Zoom.