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Orientation to the Counseling Program at ULM


Orientation Videos

Course Sequence and Advising | Click Here

Practicum and Internship Orientation | Click Here

Licensure and Certification | Click Here


Writing Orientation Videos 

Writing Philosophy Orientation

The Writing Process Part I | Click Here

The Writing Process Part II | Click Here

The Writing Process Part III | Click Here


APA Manual 7th Edition Orientation

APA Writing 1 Scholarly Writing and Publishing Principles | Click Here

APA Writing 2 Paper Elements and Format | Click Here

APA Writing 4 Writing Style and Grammar | Click Here

APA Writing 5 Bias Free Language Guidelines | Click Here

APA Writing 6 Mechanics of Style | Click Here

APA Writing 8 Works Credited in the Text | Click Here

APA Writing 9 Reference List | Click Here


Tevera Orientation Videos 

Logging Hours as a Practicum Student or Intern | Click Here