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Summer Workshop     

The annual summer workshop is designed to facilitate students’ integration of concepts learned in foundational first-year coursework into clinical application. The workshop includes opportunity for clinical skills application and supervision and address advanced-level special topics relevant to professional practice. Students will be directed to specialty groups during the workshop that will address School Counseling, Clinical Mental Health, and Addiction topics to support further development in their area of focus. Students will learn from practicing counselors and counselor educators in their respective field that will further promote the development of counselor professional identity. The summer workshop is required to be successfully completed before students will be admitted into Practicum and Internship. Failure to complete the summer workshop may delay graduation from the program.   


Format and Student ExpectationsThe summer workshop is held across three days, via Zoom, in a synchronous format. Dates and times will be made available annually through the program website. Students should note that workshop is a live experience. All sessions have interactive components to enhance student learning and increase personal/professional relevance of material.  

Students should be prepared to engage via Zoom throughout the entirety of the workshop as they would in an in-person setting (video on, participating in activities, asking questions, and taking part in skill development opportunities). Students will have direct access to Counseling Faculty during the workshop.  


***The 2023 Summer Workshop will be held July 12th, 13th, and 14th from 9am-4pm CST.