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Online Program

The online format is 100% online. All coursework is 100% online and student are not required to come to campus for a residency. Some courses are synchronous, meaning that students have to sign in online at a specific day and time to meet face-to-face via Zoom. However, most courses are asynchronous, meaning that students have the convenience of completing course assignments on their own time.

The online format is for students who do not want to or cannot complete their counseling degree through an onsite format. They may work full-time, have family responsibilities, and/or do not live near the University of Louisiana Monroe. Whereas the online format is a cohort model and students must complete coursework in a sequence, students will have more flexibility when completing their counseling degree at ULM. The program utilizes Zoom for face-to-face meetings during class and prerecorded lectures and uses Moodle as the online platform for each course.

Summer Workshop     

Students engaged in the online format will complete the summer workshop during the summer of their first year. This workshop is 100% online and synchronous, when students meet in class with faculty to integrate all first-year material together and learn about advanced topics in counseling. Students in the Clinical track will focus on advanced clinical issues, while students in the School track will focus on advanced school counseling related issues.