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Practicum and Internship Experience

As part of the Counseling Program requirements, students will engage in a one-year clinical experience that will include one semester of Practicum and two semesters of Internship. Students will complete a minimum of 100 hours in one semester at their practicum site and a minimum of 600 hours across two semesters at their internship site. These requirements are in alignment with CACREP standards and most state licensure boards, click here to review CACREP’s Practicum and Internship standards on their website. Students from states that require additional hours from their Practicum and Internship courses may obtain them while enrolled in these courses.

Students pursuing the Clinical Mental Health concentration may choose sites such as mental health centers, hospitals, addiction clinics, college counseling centers, governmental institutions, etc., while students pursuing the School concentration will find a site in public or private school. Students pursuing the combined option will enroll in an additional internship experience, completing three semesters of internship in total.

Students are responsible for finding a site in their local area that meets requirements outlined in the Practicum and Internship Handbook (linked below). Once a site is identified and agrees to onboard the student as an intern, the student will complete a Practicum and Internship Application through Tevera. Once the application has been approved, the P&I Coordinator will initiate the process of completing a Memorandum of Understanding between ULM and the site.

Practicum and Internship Orientation

Tevera Practicum and Internship Application Walkthrough

Practicum and Internship Handbook (updated 02/24)


Practicum and Internship Coordinator

The role of the Practicum/Internship (P&I) Coordinator is to organize all matters related to the Practicum and Internship courses. This includes supporting students in identifying practicum and internship sites, creating Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with sites, and resolving conflicts between practicum and internship sites and students. Other specific responsibilities are as follows:

The current P&I Coordinator is Dr. Poppy Moon and the current P&I Assistant is Michael Shedrick. Please contact Dr. Moon at moon@ulm.edu or Michael at internship@ulm.edu if you have any questions that are not addressed in the handbook or orientation videos.