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Counseling, M.S., with a concentration in School Counseling

Students who pursue a Master of Science in Counseling under the School Counseling track may call themselves School Counselors and qualify for School Counselor Certification and LPC licensure. They will receive similar clinical training as the clinical mental health track, but also focus on the K-12 school setting. The objectives of the School Counseling track are as follows:

Students will study many of the latest theoretical orientations, treatment approaches, and school counseling models that are supported by research. Students will be trained as research consumers, giving them the skills to effectively critique research studies and evidence-based models and treatments. In addition, they will learn to integrate the many dimensions of humanity to fully conceptualize their students, such as the biological, psychological, interpersonal, and sociocultural-historical dimensions. Faculty provide all training using a solid research foundation under the scientist-practitioner model, meaning that counseling interventions taught will be based on theory supported by research.  

The curriculum of the School Counseling track is below. 

School Counseling   
COUN 5001  Introduction to Counseling   3
COUN 5005  Counseling Theories   3
COUN 5010  Methods of Counseling  3
COUN 5011  Advanced Techniques  3
COUN 6063  Legal and Ethical Issues in Counseling  3
COUN 6067  Group Counseling  3
COUN 5022  Human Growth and Development  3
COUN 5081  Rsearch  3
COUN 5060  Career Counseling  3
COUN 5062  Counseling Assessment  3
COUN 5021  Maladaptive Psychopathology  3
COUN 5067  Principles of Administration of School Counseling Programs  3
COUN 6052  Multicultural Populations  3
COUN 6060  Introduction to Marriage, Couples and Family Counseling  3
COUN 5066  School Counseling  3
COUN 5025  Addictions  3
COUN 6069  Crisis Intervention Counseling  3
COUN 5065  Practicum  3
COUN 6071  School Counseling Internship I  3
COUN 6071  School Counseling Internship II  3
Total Hours  60