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Graduate Certificate in Interprofessional Leadership in Healthcare

Expand Your Leadership in the Field of Mental Healthcare

Counseling students pursuing their M.S. in Counseling and interested in leadership positions can simultaneously engage in the 100% online Graduate Certificate in Interprofessional Leadership in Healthcare offered through the Health Studies department in the College of Health Sciences, click here for more information. This certificate can provide a core knowledge needed for leadership opportunities in various healthcare organizations, government offices, public health, and other business settings. Students will be prepared to lead using best practices in leadership, communication, strategy, and collaboration.


Counselor Licensure Requirements

Counseling students should consult with their advisor to determine if the Health Studies courses below can be included as their electives for the M.S. in Counseling or if they should be taken in addition to their counseling electives. Many state licensure boards may not accept these courses as counseling electives that would contribute to their degree and licensure.


Graduate Certificate in Interprofessional Leadership Requirements (15 credit hour program)

• HLST 5000 Interprofessional Leadership in Healthcare (3cr)

• HLST 5001 Research Methods and Statistics for Health Professionals or COUN 5081 Research

Methods in Counseling (3cr)

• HLST 5002 Effective Interprofessional Teams (3cr)

• HLST 5003 Healthcare Strategic Planning (3cr)

• HLST 5004 Evidence-based Practice in Healthcare (3cr)

Graduate Catalog Course Descriptions


Students Interested

Students interested in pursuing the Graduate Certificate in Interprofessional Leadership should initially consult with both their Counseling advisor and Dr. Jessica Dolecheck, Program Director of Health Studies at dolecheck@ulm.edu