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Welcome to the Guide to Residence Hall Living!


The purpose of this guide is to serve as a resource and provide detailed information needed by you while you reside on campus. If you find yourself in need of additional assistance, we expect and encourage you to contact the ULM Department of Residential Life.

By accepting a housing offer and moving in, you are expected to live by the rules, regulations, and policies which the University has set. If you disagree with the institution's policies or regulations, we encourage you to motivate change through the appropriate supervisory channels. If you cannot change them and still cannot live with them, then on-campus living may not be for you.

While this guide is an important reference for living on-campus, it is also expected that you will be familiar with the following University publications:

The Guide to Residence Hall Living contains information on policies and procedures that will be semesterly revised and changes may be made, as deemed necessary by the Department of Residential Life Operations, the Office of Auxiliary Enterprise Administration, or the Division of Student Affairs.

Supplemental Sections

ESA Approval Process

Please keep in mind the process and deadlines, and that this may take time. Animals cannot be brought onto campus or in residence until all paperwork has been completed and approved through the Self-Development, Counseling, and Special Accommodations Center AND all supplemental documents submitted to and approved by Residential Life.

Quarantine Rules & Regulations

COVID-19 is a very serious infection that affects people in different degrees. Some students will not have any symptoms but they are still contagious. Other students will have severe symptoms. You must follow these instructions and those given to you by the medical professional where you were tested and from this institution. These will be updated frequently as the university will continue to abide by COVID-19 directives from the state of Louisiana, the University of Louisiana System, and follow CDC guidelines.