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Spring 2020 Residence Hall Staff: 

Serving the needs of our resident population.

Staff Member on Duty Information

Each building has a staff member on duty every night. 

          Weekdays from 7 PM to 7 AM

          Weekends from Friday 1 PM to Monday 7 AM, with exceptions to meal breaks.

The Residential Student Staff Members serve as the point person for the hall. They are prepared to assist residents with many concerns – personal, social, academic, and environmental – as well as to assist students in developing and accepting responsibility for their own actions.

Contact the Staff Member on Duty to have them assist with lock-outs, noise disturbances, roommate/suitemate conflicts, general housing questions, etc. The Staff Member on Duty for each night will have a sign posted by the main entrance or in the lobby of the building, containing their identity and contact information.

If you need assistance, please follow this Chain of Command: 

The Staff Member on Duty > Your RA > Any Other RAs > Your Hall Director

Madison Hall

Markus Santamaria      Hall Director                MD-Central 246               318-342-6912          
Ayush Gupta Resident Assistant Madison-East 116 318-342-6426
JaMichael Bryant Resident Assistant Madison-East 215
Blair Guillory Resident Assistant Madison-East 315 318-342-6462
Devon Nash Resident Assistant Madison-West 139 318-342-6354
Christopher Johnson Resident Assistant Madison-West 238 318-342-6387
Freddie Burns Resident Assistant Madison-West 338 318-342-6442

Ouachita Hall

Christion Jones         Hall Director             OU APT behind Office 318-342-7335       
Ashtin Taylor Resident Assistant Ouachita 107 318-342-7343
Aaliyah Pullem Resident Assistant Ouachita 211 318-342-7367
Jennifer Eubanks Resident Assistant Ouachita 310 318-342-7394

University Commons

Jakerick Johnson      Hall Director             UNIV. Commons 1318 318-342-5971        
D'Andre Rogers Resident Assistant UNIV. Commons 1118 318-342-5817
Harley Singletary Resident Assistant UNIV. Commons 1218 318-342-5858
Kaitlyn Richard Resident Assistant UNIV. Commons 1328 318-342-7965

University Suites

Hillary May           Hall Director        UNIV. Suites 2211 318-342-6582  
Regginald Good Resident Assistant UNIV. Suites 2106 318-342-6293
Logan Harris Resident Assistant UNIV. Suites 2222 318-342-5927
Shamir Sadberry Resident Assistant UNIV. Suites 2322 318-342-5890
Amanda Simms Resident Assistant UNIV. Suites 2422 318-342-6227

Bayou Suites

Akeyah Boyd       Hall Director BYU. Suites 4122 318-342-7688 
Tiona Harris Resident Assistant BYU. Suites 4109 318-342-7661
Dakari Anderson Resident Assistant BYU. Suites 4209 318-342-7709
Ashley Hawkins Resident Assistant BYU. Suites 4309 318-342-7765

Bayou Village Apartments

Morgan Mercante Hall Director Apartment 6110 318-342-6118
Denisha Jackson Resident Assistant Apartment 5102 318-342-7964
Shylon Francis  Resident Assistant Apartment 5305 318-342-7605
Jansen Nowell Resident Assistant Apartment 6207 318-342-6155
Lauren Cain Resident Assistant Apartment 6305 318-342-6193
Toni Brooks Resident Assistant Apartment 7103 318-342-7428
Liam Morrison Resident Assistant Apartment 7308 318-342-7554

Masur Hall

Monika Paneru Hall Director MA APT in Lobby 318-342-3603
Jakalah Howard Resident Assistant Masur-North 106 318-342-6507
Aakriti Pant Resident Assistant Masur-North 220 318-342-6593
Asynia Leonard Resident Assistant Masur-North 305 318-342-6550
Sinai Robinson Resident Assistant Masur-South 150 318-342-6551
Reagan Smith Resident Assistant Masur-South 256 318-342-6629
Kearra Odums Resident Assistant Masur-South 361 318-342-6706


Note: RAs and HD are also students. They have a class schedule, other student involvements, etc.  

During the University business hours, contact the Residential Life main office for assistance.