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Business & Social Sciences

Mission & Goals


The College of Business and Social Sciences prepares students from Northeast Louisiana and beyond for productive careers and responsible citizenship and benefits students, business, and the community through research and service.

Learning Goals

• competent decision makers
• functionally competent individuals
• effective communicators
• good citizens


The College of Business and Social Sciences at The University of Louisiana at Monroe seeks ever-increasing excellence in business education by offering a student-centered learning environment that produces high-quality graduates and by engaging in research and service that benefits students, business and the community.


For the College of Business and Social Sciences at The University of Louisiana at Monroe, our values drive our vision and are the foundation for our mission. We believe in the following values and ideals:


Integrity means Honesty, Soundness, Moral Quality, and Constancy

• We are role models and mentors to our students, colleagues, and stakeholders. Consequently, our actions must always reflect integrity. Integrity builds trust and respect; trust and respect builds great leaders and great organizations.

• We emphasize the importance and expectation of integrity in our students; our students represent the business community of the future and their actions are a reflection of our reputation and quality. 


Independence involves Competence, Self-Reliance, Freedom, and Confidence

• We understand the independence of thought by faculty contributes to the betterment of the CBA, its students, and the community.

• We improve the community by preparing students to be competent thinkers who are confident in their role in society.

• We believe the development of knowledge and reason in our students leads them to become productive, independent contributors of the future and life-long learners.


Intellect involves Reason, Understanding, Learning, and Knowledge

• We have an abiding respect for the pursuit and effective application of knowledge.

• We strive to stimulate our own intellect through professional development activities and other scholarly endeavors.

• We provide to our students the activities that will promote their own intellectual development and demonstrate to them the opportunity and achievement that is possible through reason, knowledge, and understanding.


Involvement embodies Interaction, Engagement, Collaboration and Concern

• We understand the involvement and interaction with students extend beyond the classroom and contribute to their intellectual, personal, and professional growth.

• We believe students should be actively involved in their own learning process and professional growth.

• We encourage faculty involvement in the community through specialized skills, continued learning, and practical development.

• We foster collaboration in order to develop the skills needed to work with and lead teams.


Improvement involves Growth, Enrichment, Cultivation, and Advancement

• We are uniquely positioned to improve students’ lives through our teaching, mentoring, and interaction with them.

• We should improve the business community through our preparation of quality graduates, production of scholarly research, and interaction with organizations in the region.

• We have a responsibility not only to maintain our professional qualifications but to continually seek further professional development in the pursuit of excellence.


Innovation means Invention, Revolution, Modernization, and Origination

• We provide a transformational educational process that improves students’ careers and lives. 

• We improve the practice of business and society through sharing of new ideas, processes, methods and theories. 

• We create and share new approaches to learning that helps improve the educational process. 


Impact includes Influence, Impression, and Effect

• We identify and measure the outcomes of our efforts to ensure appropriate impact. 

• We strategically identify areas that we hope to change though impactful teaching, research and service. 

• We allocate our resources to maximize impact of our efforts.