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Welcome to the ULM College of Business and Social Sciences!

portrait of the DeanLet us show you that The Best is on the Bayou. Our College is dedicated to transforming the lives of our students and to improving the lives of people in our community. To that end, we prepare our students for exceptional careers and help people in our community and region achieve their goals.

Our College offers a wide range of graduate and undergraduate programs in business and social sciences, including traditional programs and unique gerontology, risk management, and construction management programs. Our diverse student body consists of recent high school graduates, first generation college students, and adults returning for their degree or seeking a new career. We offer degrees and certificates through traditional courses on our beautiful campus and innovative online courses. Our students have interned locally in Monroe and West Monroe, across the country from Seattle to Boston, and internationally from London to Hong Kong. Our graduates have developed careers that span from starting their own small business or professional practice to becoming government administrators and leaders of Fortune 200 companies.

Many of our programs are accredited by the premiere national and international organizations that certify program quality. Our construction management program was the first in the country to earn accreditation from ACCE. The business school is accredited by the AACSB-International, and within the business school, our undergraduate accounting program maintains a separate, rare AACSB-International accreditation. Our Social Work program is accredited by the CSWE, and our computer science program is accredited by ABET. Maintaining these accreditations ensures that our programs are robust, innovative, and current.

In addition to striving to transform the lives of our students, our College contributes to the economic and social development of our community. We participate in entrepreneurial and small business development, economic research and workforce development. We also provide services to the Northeast Louisiana Business and Community Development Center and the Small Business Development Center. All of this work creates a bond between our College and our community partners and provides experiences that keep our programs relevant.

Of course, our College can only provide a quality education and support the community through the hard work of our faculty and staff. They are dedicated to impacting our students’ lives both inside and outside the classroom. Our faculty and staff work countless hours to prepare our students for their careers and to meet our students’ individual, personal needs. Our faculty and staff also serve the community through consulting, conducting training sessions, and serving on corporate and nonprofit boards. In addition, our faculty maintain their professional and teaching credentials and conduct research in their respective disciplines. Having taught in our College and served in our community, I know the extraordinary character of our faculty and staff, and I am honored to serve as their dean.

Visit campus! Let us show you how we work to transform lives. Better yet, become a part of the ULM family! Let us help you start a new journey in your personal and professional life.

The Best is Definitely on the Bayou and in the College of Business and Social Sciences!


Michelle McEacharn
Dean – College of Business and Social Sciences
Susan and William D. Banowsky Endowed Chair and Professor of Accounting